Please visit our documentation site for concept descriptions.
Here you can find a couple of shortcuts directly for your target platform:

  • Create an own service in Node.js (can run on Linux, OSX, Raspberry PI, or similar)
  • Create a background service that runs on Android
  • Create a FreeRTOS based embedded system (contact us)
  • Create an AWS based cloud peer (contact us)
  • Create an own mobile app in React Native (contact us)


These are powerful tools for operational time orchestration of your nodes, even for scripting.

Wish Cli Command line tool for managing Wish cores and identity relations (node.js code)
Mist Cli Command line tool for browsing services, sending commands and managing Mist nodes (node.js code)
You’ll need to download and execute the wish core binaries in order to use the tools above or the Mist example code.

Boilerplate apps and examples


Reference implementation for Amazon AWS (contact us)

Embedded systems

SDK for FreeRTOS, in production use on Espressif ESP32 (contact us)

Example case

WiFi module including ControlThings sw tech, for providing an air handling unit with connectivity and pairing with iOS / Android mobile including ControlThings sw tech: